Executive Summary

Indicators of global trends have highlighted the new breed of traveler, with a desire for independence and a focus on how organizations are responding to this change in traveler behaviour.


We are big picture thinkers!

Elisne Bergset

Elisna Bergset has worked in the Travel Industry for over a decade. The various fields she has been involved in have enabled her to be a “big picture” thinker, always looking for ways to innovate and evolve. Elisna is a firm believer in empowering people through community-based capitalism. In this case, the community is made up of a network of BDM’s. Elisna is an expert in sales development and has shown great success in creating a need for products within the industry.

She is a master presenter with years of experience in launching new products. Elisna is very well known for her effective training style and looks forward to welcome new BDM’s under her tutelage.

Michelle Bergset

Michelle’s career is very much a part of her lifestyle. She is driven, motivated as well as
motivational. Michelle is known for her big following in the industry and this is because
Michelle has found the perfect balance between being people-centric but also specializing in bottom-line growth. She has held several top senior roles over her 20 year career and can guide any organisation or individual to great success.

Michelle has a proven track record of elevating several South Afican business onto the global stage as formidable contenders. She credits her collaborative approach, creativity and innovation to her success and looks forward to on-share her knowledge.

People Power

Innovation will be the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Our Story

BOLD was born out of necessity for change. The COVID-19 global pandemic has undoubtably plunged businesses and individuals into a storm without a lifeboat in sight.

The job losses have been devastating, and antiquated, hierarchical business models have become redundant in creating tangible prosperity for those under their employ. In other words, it’s time to replace trickle-down economics with a BOLD new business model. This model is disruptive to the establishment and that’s exactly what we want – A BOLD NEW WORLD.

Pre-COVID businesses have long touted that their greatest assets are their people, but we also know that human capital is expendable as this pandemic has so painfully reminded us. The result; devastating unemployment, especially in the travel industry. We at BOLD felt compelled to step up, creating a space where our beloved industry doesn’t lose your passion, skills and expertise.